Such detailings you’ve observed, it shows how a lot India is in your blood now. Thanks you for sharing such wonderful safety tips to survive in India please keep it updating.

I’ve accomplished some googling but I don’t feel I’ve provide you with a definitive answer as to whether it’s price risking or not. I recognize that it may trigger offence so I wondered if you’d come throughout this and will provide any recommendation? “Thanks” understates my respect for your single-India-information-source effort. I read thru your entire e-guide and all comments of substance just to validate what I even have discovered in 20 years of solo world travel and to choose up what I didn’t know. Ironically, at 76 I suppose I am winding down on the ‘hard’ travel.

Summer Travel Planning: What To Know About Vacationing

I actually have a fast question which I’d recognize your opinion on. We are staying in a couple of homestays in India and the primary one in Delhi has stated that he’s obtained a special ‘reverse osmosis’ system in the water in his residence which saves his friends the expense of buying ingesting water.

Kerala has India’s highest per capita alcohol consumption at greater than eight litres per particular person yearly. And this proves another good purpose to deliver a travel first help kit. First off, unsure what sort of things could possibly be there at the preliminary moment of the cutting, and second off, washing an open reduce in Indian faucet water doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  • In basic, you don’t have to pay greater than rupees ($5-16) to find one thing protected and comfy.
  • Many of my pals who went to India unprepared had been shocked by how a lot they got scammed and tricked and this turned them off from ever returning to India which I assume is unhappy.
  • Even 5 star hotels sometimes can have power outages where they’ve to change to mills.
  • In this value range, you don’t often get A/C, however we traveled to start with of the Indian summer (Feb-May) and not having A/C was a problem just a handful of occasions.


I’d additionally like to thank the entire above folks for sharing their comments too on your publish. During my initial research into planning my trip I felt somewhat nervous and overwhelmed about what to ‘count on’. I am at present planning my first ever visit to India.

I did it anyway since I couldnt work out an alternative and wished to take a shower. I’m in India and received open cuts (from running off into the bushes and climbing on rocks) that I’m undecided how greatest to scrub. The trip revolves round a Buddhist retreat and gained’t be visiting another non secular places.

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