One of the things that are quite important while on vacation is lodging. After a day of activities, traveling to exciting places, the body is definitely tired and needs a comfortable place to rest. Therefore, hotel comfort is needed.
Here are 6 cheap and Instagramable hotels in this tourist-dense city.

  1. Tjokro Style Yogyakarta Has Complete And Cheap Facilities
    The first hotel that can be a place to stop while in Jogja is Tjokro Style Yogyakarta. This hotel is in a quite strategic location, in the entertainment area, museums, palace tours, culinary tours, and others, to be precise on Jalan Minister Supeno No 48, Umbulharjo. Tjokro Style Yogyakarta has many facilities for visitors that can be used. The first facility is the Apricot Lounge which has colorful sofas and two large posters of world celebrities that make the atmosphere cheerful. In addition, there is a restaurant, minibar near the swimming pool, and Sky Lounge.
  2. Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse with a comfortable garden ambiance
    Malioboro is the center of tourism in Jogja. Usually, many people will choose to look for hotels in this area on the grounds that they are close to tourist attractions and can walk. However, usually, hotels or inns around Malioboro are fairly expensive. Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse is not as large as other hotels or inns, but the location is very cool and comfortable. The windows and doors of the room are in the form of towering glass, so you must not forget to close the curtains if you don’t want other people to see from outside. Lots of lounge areas with chairs and tables provided for visitors. With lots of plants on every corner to the ceiling.
  3. Happy Buddha, an artistic lodging
    The next Instagramable hotel in Happy Budha. This inn will be perfect for those of you who want to spend the night in a super cute place but at an affordable price too. Happy Buddha has a very relaxed and artistic concept with colorful and fun details. You will also find a hammock. Room facilities are also colorful with very artsy pictures.
  4. Colorful Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie
    The next accommodation with a colorful and Instagramable concept is Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie. Each room at this inn is thematically designed, different from one another. The pictures on each room’s wall also combine traditional style and a touch of modern art.
  5. Rimbono Homestay with a cool village atmosphere
    Rimbono Homestay is the most suitable lodging if you are on vacation with your family and need peace. This inn is located in Nglinggo Tourism Village which is indeed a vacation location to enjoy the expanse of tea gardens, pine forests and see the sunrise from Ngisis Hill.
  6. The Instagrammatic Adhisthana Hotel Yogyakarta
    Adhisthana Hotel Yogyakarta is one of the hotels with low prices. Just looking at the front area, you must have felt the artistic concept with old school windows arranged in color. The atmosphere inside also has a calming old-world feel.
    Even cooler, there is a swimming pool in the middle of the hotel. The size is not big enough. The place is also shady so you don’t have to worry about overheating. Apart from the swimming pool, there is also a garden where you can relax.
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