Your feet and legs are instrumental to the success of your hiking. You can’t go far in heavy boots or with blisters on your feet. As such, you need to care for your feet before you start hiking.

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Toughen your feet

Before you set out for your long hike, start strengthening your feet a few weeks prior. If you are not used to walking long distances, try walking for some days until you feel a hot spot beneath your feet. Stop as soon as you feel the hot spot and treat your skin. If your skin is prone to blisters, get tapes to protect your feet from blisters during the hike. Besides toughening the skin of your feet, you also need to strengthen the bones and muscles of the feet. You can start by walking barefooted on uneven surfaces such as rocks or sand.  Exercises such as heel raises and towel grabs also help to strengthen the muscles of your feet.

Limit your powder use

A lot of people use feet powder to keep their feet dry and prevent moisture. However, overloading your feet with powder bad as it clumps up and form potential health hazards. If you are going to use powder at all, use it sparingly and wear thin socks and free kicks to prevent moisture from building up in your feet.

During hiking, here are tips for protecting your feet:

Wear the right boots

You need to wear the right boots if you don’t want to end up with largely-injured feet. Ensure you consider boots with the right amounts of stiffness so that you won’t feel the pressure of the rocks and little stones against your feet. Also, to support the extra weight of your pack, you will need knee-length boots. This also helps to keep debris and small stones away.

Wear the right socks

A lot of people think that thick socks are meant for hiking but they do more harm than good. Thick socks prevent air from getting into your feet thereby causing moisture which clumps up and leads to health hazards. As long as you have been toughening your feet and the skin, thin socks are your best bet. They allow for more air in your feet and make you feel comfortable.

After hiking, here are ways to take care of your feet:

Do a foot therapy

You do this by soaking your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes. You can add various oils to the water to relieve soreness and stimulate blood circulation in your feet. Also, get someone to give you a good foot rub.

Moisturize your feet

Apply a moisturizing lotion on your feet after the foot rub. This will prevent your feet from becoming dry, which can lead to cracking and other foot problems.

Ice your feet

Wrap your feet in ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation. Besides massaging your feet, ensure you get some rest as well.

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