Travel agency
Tourists certainly agree that travel plans are one of the most interesting parts of a tour. However, it takes time to arrange accommodation, transportation, and to obtain all the necessary documents during the trip. Especially for those of you who have a lot of activities, this can be a hassle. Economic activities take the form of providing services needed for travel, such as purchasing tickets, processing passports or visas, lodging, and excursions (travel bureau).
What is a Travel Agency?
A travel agency is a commercial business activity that regulates and provides services for an individual or a group of people to travel with the main purpose of traveling.
Travel Agency Scope

  1. Create, organize, and sell travel packages.
  2. Taking care of an individual (individual) or group transportation that will take the tour.
  3. Make reservations for accommodation, restaurants, and tourist attractions in various places.
  4. Taking care of travel documents such as passports and visas.
  5. Make a travel guide.
  6. Serving the convention.
    Travel Agency Functions
  7. General Functions
    In this case, a travel agency is a business entity that can provide information about everything related to the world of travel in general and travel in particular.
  8. Special Functions
    • Travel agents as intermediaries. In his activities, he acts on behalf of other companies and sells the services of the companies he represents. Because of this, he acts between the tourists and the tourist industry.
    • Travel agency as a business entity that plans and organizes tours at its own responsibility and risk.
    • A travel agency as an organizer, that is, inactivating its business, it actively cooperates with other companies both at home and abroad. The facilities owned will be used as merchandise.

In general, the definition of a travel agency is a company that organizes tour package activities and travel agents. In accordance with the development of tourism, the Directorate General of Tourism provides a definition of a Tourism Travel Bureau through a Decree giving an understanding with the following limitations:

  1. Travel Business is a business activity of a commercial nature that regulates, provides, and provides services for a person, group of people to travel for the main purpose of traveling.
  2. Travel Agency is a business entity that carries out business travel activities within the country and/or abroad.
  3. Tour Travel Bureau Branch is a travel agency business unit domiciled in the same area as its head office or in another region, which carries out activities at its head office.
  4. Travel agent is a business entity that organizes a travel business that acts as an intermediary in selling and or managing services for traveling.
  5. Representative is a travel agency, travel agent, other business entity or individual, appointed by a travel agency domiciled in another region to carry out activities that are represented either permanently or not permanently.
    Here are some reasons why the advantages of using a travel agency.
  6. Extensive Network.
  7. Buy Airline Tickets Easily
  8. Discount Prices
  9. Experienced
  10. Convenience.
  11. Professional Guide.
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