For instance, a British woman who blogs underneath the name of Saucy Sailoress and does Tarot readings for rent was vagabonding round southern Asia with her husband and canines in an oceangoing sailboat. She says that on the evening MH370 disappeared they have been within the Andaman Sea, and he or she spotted what appeared like a cruise missile coming at her. The missile morphed into a low-flying airplane with a nicely-lit cockpit, bathed in a strange orange glow and trailing smoke.

During the maneuver the passengers would have experienced some g‑forces—that feeling of being all of a sudden pressed back into the seat. Exner believes the reason for the climb was to speed up the results of depressurizing the airplane, causing the speedy incapacitation and demise of everybody in the cabin.

His spouse had moved out, and was residing within the household’s second house. By his own admission to friends, he spent plenty of time pacing empty rooms waiting for the times between flights to go by. He mentioned in a single comment, for instance, that one of many girls, who was carrying a gown in a posted picture, seemed like she had just emerged from a shower. Zaharie appears to have turn into considerably disconnected from his earlier, well-established life. He was in touch along with his kids, but they were grown and gone.

The concept that a sophisticated machine, with its modern instruments and redundant communications, might simply vanish appeared beyond the realm of possibility.Such a conclusion invites continued speculation, even whether it is unwarranted. The satellite information present the best proof of the airplane’s flight path, and are hard to argue with, however people need to have belief in numbers to simply accept the story they tell.

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  • The major one is that the cockpit door was fortified, electrically bolted, and surveilled by a video feed that the pilots may see.
  • It is the least painful explanation for anyone in authority that night time.
  • How would hijackers have recognized to make their transfer exactly during the handoff to Vietnamese air traffic control, and then gained entry so quickly and smoothly that neither of the pilots had an opportunity to transmit a distress name?
  • Also, lower than two minutes passed between Zaharie’s casual “good night time” to the Kuala Lumpur controller and the start of the diversion, with the attendant lack of the transponder signal.

The detachment and solitude that may accompany the usage of social media—and Zaharie used social media so much—most likely did not help. There is a powerful suspicion among investigators within the aviation and intelligence communities that he was clinically depressed. In the cabin, the effect would have gone unnoticed but for the sudden appearance of the drop-down oxygen masks and perhaps the cabin crew’s use of the few moveable models of similar design. None of these cabin masks was supposed for more than about 15 minutes of use during emergency descents to altitudes under thirteen,000 toes; they’d have been of no worth in any respect cruising at 40,000 ft.

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The cabin occupants would have turn into incapacitated inside a couple of minutes, lost consciousness, and gently died without any choking or gasping for air. The scene would have been dimly lit by the emergency lights, with the lifeless belted into their seats, their faces nestled in the nugatory oxygen masks dangling on tubes from the ceiling. An electrical engineer in Boulder, Colorado, named Mike Exner, who’s a outstanding member of the Independent Group, has studied the radar data extensively. He believes that through the flip, the airplane climbed up to forty,000 feet, which was near its limit.

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