Airplane route or flight route is a route used by each airline to fly regularly from an airport in one area to another or from one country to another. Where this flight route is one of the important points that must be considered when booking airplane tickets, especially for international flights. This is because apart from airlines, flight routes, either direct or indirect (with transit), must also be considered.
Even though it sounds very basic in the world of aviation, unfortunately not all users of air transportation understand the types of flight routes such as direct flights, connecting flights, layovers, and stopovers. Especially for those who get on a plane for the first time, such a term is of course very foreign to the ear. So it is not surprising that there are still many users of air transportation who are confused when they suddenly have to transit because they choose an indirect flight

    For air transportation users in Indonesia, they may be more familiar with the terms of indirect flights and direct flights.
    Connecting flights are flights that stop / transit at one other airport before you fly to the destination airport. It is during this transit that you have to change planes, so this flight route also requires you to use a different plane and flight number to get to your main destination airport.
    Direct flights are direct flights that allow you to use only the same plane for a long journey or flight. In this flight route, you do not need to change planes when traveling even though at that time the plane you are traveling on stops at a number of airports before continuing the journey to the destination airport. Usually, a plane with this type of direct flight route stops to drop off and pick up other passengers, just like a bus that stops for a while at a number of terminals.
    Unlike the case with nonstop flights (nonstop flights) which will not stop once before arriving at the destination airport. It doesn’t matter how far you have to go.
    For those of you who have taken transit flights, of course, you already know what a layover is. It can be said that a layover is a stop before you make your final destination, which is also known as a transit. For example, if you fly to London from Jakarta, some flights will require you to make a temporary transit in Singapore. Whether it’s only a few minutes or even up to more than 8 hours before you will continue the journey to the final destination of the flight.
    A number of long-haul routes generally offer stopover facilities. A stopover is a facility provided by the airline to stopover in one of the transit countries within a few hours or even a few days. So that the stopover makes it very possible for passengers to leave the airport for various purposes. For example, if you fly from Jakarta to London using Turkish Airlines. Then you can enjoy this stopover facility, whether you are leaving or returning to Indonesia. For example, when you take a stopover when you return to Indonesia, your flight will start from Jakarta to Istanbul. In Istanbul, you will transit to change planes before finally heading to London.
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